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Imprisoned in My Grief April 3, 2008

When tragedy strikes at any given moment, when life just seems so unfair, if I wait long enough, I may just begin to see God’s plan for my life emerge and experience His healing.


This book, “Imprisoned in My Grief,” I have dedicated to my late husband who developed a very rare brain disease, Hereditary Diffuse Leukoencephalopathy with Spheriods (HDLS). This book walks you through the challenges that my husband and I had to face during the rapid progression of his disease. No physician was able to diagnose what he had and I felt that I needed to learn why I lost my husband during the prime of his life.

Because of the different disappointments that I had to face alone due to lack of support from some family members and friends, poor medical care from some physicians and nurses, I needed to learn the ability to forgive others including myself.

As a nurse, I never tried so hard to save someone’s life as I did my husband. The hours I would spend on the computer looking for answers only to find myself coming up empty for explanations. I felt I had failed him as his wife and a nurse because I couldn’t stop what ever was over taking him.

I had to learn that I was powerless over this disease. By learning to leave this in God’s hands and allowing the window of my soul be opened, only then could God come in, allowing me to experience God’s healing power on my soul.

Now I have dedicated my nursing career to helping others cope with the loss of a loved one. In this book I will share with you not only the experiences I had as a caregiver, but also experiences that became very near and dear to me when helping others to cope with their loved one’s disease and the challenges they faced during their grieving process.