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Arrabella, God’s Littlest Angel February 25, 2008

This story, “Arrabella, God’s Littlest Angel tells about how God chose Arrabella to be a guardian angel of a brand new baby on earth.  Arrabella was so excited God had chosen her to go on this wonderful mission for Him. She is a little timid because she is the smallest angel in heaven and hasn’t had a lot of experience being a guardian angel. She wonders why God chose her over someone that was bigger and may have had more experience.  God reassures her, she is up to doing the job.  She flies to earth to meet the new baby and then flies back up to heaven and reports back to God.  Arrabella is so excited she sings a tune about how happy she is with the new mission God has given her.



            The heaven stood still as the trumpet’s voice sounded out with beautiful music.  God had assembled the angels and they all knelt before Him.


            Although God spoke to the angels every day, today He wanted to speak to them at the same time.  All the angels gathered together with great excitement.  They knew today, God was going to pick a guardian angel for a new child on earth. 


            They all bowed their heads and waited as God spoke, “I need to choose a guardian angel for a new child on earth.”  


            The angels all looked at each other as if to say, “Will it be me?” or “Will it be you?”  They all wondered who God would choose.


            God looked with kindness at every one of His angels.  It was hard to choose for He loved each one so very much.  But then God’s eyes fell upon his precious, Arrabella.  She was a tiny little angel with curly blond hair, blue eyes, a pudgy nose and a face sprinkled with freckles.  


             God could see Arrabella peeking round the other angels as she tried to move closer to where He stood. She could not see over all the other angels.  God stretched his arms out lovingly and said “Arrabella, I have chosen you to be the new guardian angel.”  “Would you do this for me?”  .  God knew that although Arrabella was quiet and shy, she was a special little angel and just right for the job.


            Arrabella came forward and looked up at God.  “Thank you, Lord, for asking me to do this,” said Arrabella.  “But what if I don’t…






2 Responses to “Arrabella, God’s Littlest Angel”

  1. Jim Says:

    Just the little bit I read here was very heart warming, which makes me eager to read from the other titles you have available.
    Thank you

  2. Sue LLIBRE Says:

    I love the angel story, I’ll buy it soon. I am a leader for Elizabeth Ministry for my church in Cocoa Beach FL. It would be perfect to put in the gift baskets to give Expectant Moms and New Moms. God Bless You for your Talent and best wishes on your future books. Happy Day. (P.S.) Pearl has taught me watercoloring and she is wonderful. Sue

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