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Bobby Learns the Value of Being Poor April 3, 2008

This little book, “Bobby Learns the Value of Being Poor”, tells you a story about a little boy who came from a wealthy family.  The father wanted his son to learn that there were other people less fortunate in this world.  To help explain this Bobby’s father took him on a weekend trip out to a country farm that belonged to one of his friends.  Bobby met another boy about his age.  He helped him with his chores on the farm and Bobby ended up having a wonderful time.  On their way back home, Bobby’s father questioned Bobby about the lessons he had learned from their visit that weekend. The father was quite surprised…


It was summer time and Bobby had just completed second grade.  He lived in a nice community of homes and had many friends.  Bobby never really ever had to want for anything because his mother and father gave him almost everything he ever wished for or hoped to have.  Even though he had many nice things, sometimes Bobby would be complaining about things he didn’t have.


One day, Bobby’s Daddy wanted Bobby to learn how important it was to be thankful for what he had, so he sat down and had a long talk with him.


“Bobby, it worries me that you complain so much of the time.  You have so many nice things, but it seems like you always want more,” said Daddy.


“I don’t complain that much,” said Bobby.


“All my friends have everything they want; I can’t see why I can’t have them too,” said Bobby.


Bobby’s Daddy continue to explain; “You need to be happy with what you have and not be asking for more.  There are many other children out there in this world that have so much less, and they are so thankful for what they do have,”


Bobby thought for a moment on what his Daddy had to say.


“But Daddy, then I won’t be like all my other friends. They all have bikes, video games.  They get to do almost anything they want.  I feel like we have so many rules around here,” said Bobby.


“Rules are important Bobby,” said Daddy.  “They are like guidelines for how we should behave and what we should and should not do.” 


“Even God set up rules, like the Ten Commandments for us to live by because He knew that we needed them in order to be the type of Christian’s He wanted us to be,” said Daddy.


Bobby gave out a big sigh.  He knew his Daddy was right, but it was hard not to have all the nice things all his other friends had.   Deep inside of Bobby he knew he had many things that other children didn’t have.


Then Bobby’s Daddy came up with a great idea.  “Bobby, why don’t you and I take a trip out to the farm that one of my friends I work with lives?  He always seems to be so happy all the time, and I know they do not have very much.  He has invited me to bring you out there some weekend.  He has a son just about your age that he would like you to meet,” said Daddy.


“Would you like to do that, just you and me?” said Daddy.


“That sounds like it would be fun,” said Bobby.  “When can we go?”


“Let me talk with him at work, and I we will make plans for a trip to his farm,” said Daddy.


A couple days later, Daddy told Bobby…