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Do Animals Get Sick Like Me? March 1, 2008

This book, Do Animals Get Sick like Me? talks about a little boy named Timmy who developed tonsillitis and had to stay home from school.  While at home Timmy learned that animals can get sick just like he did and need to be cared for by a Veterinarian.  The animals sometimes will have to take medicine just like he had to take medicine.  More important, Timmy learned that there is a God above who not only cares for him but also cares for animals to.





In a small white house not far from the city

There lived a little boy whose name was Timmy

Timmy loved to go to school each and everyday

He’d rather learn new things then go out and play.


Reading books was Timmy’s favorite thing to do

Stores he loved to read were like “Whinny the Pooh

Sometimes Timmy would paint pictures at school

A canvass he would paint on while he sat on a stool.


But a day came along when Timmy became sick

Mommy had him stay home and school he surely did miss

Mommy took him to the doctor to have him checked out

The doctor said, “You have tonsillitis, there’s not even a doubt.”


“Your tonsils are all swollen and look so very sore

I’ll call in a prescription to your pharmacy store

Take this medicine your Mommy gives to you

Then in time, I know you will feel good as new.”


While Timmy was at home lying in his bed

There was a big question that popped into his head

“Do Animals get sick like you or I do?

Do they go to the doctor, like Mommy took me to?”


He thought how the giraffe’s neck was tall and so lean…