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Christian Children’s Books by Linda Wagner

God’s Creatures both Great and Small Series April 3, 2008

These groups of four stories talk about the different animals in God’s creation that had encountered different situations, some of them being problems and how they were able to work with and overcome therefore becoming victorious in their life.

Benny, The Honey BeeBenny was a busy little honey bee that had no black stripes on his back.  He felt so bad because he was so different then the other bees.  Benny through the kindness and love of his mother bee was able to learn that even though he was different he was a very special honey bee who was loved by his family.

“Daisy, The Duck Who Could Not Quack” This is a story about a little duck that was born unable to quack.  She felt so bad inside but was determined that there were other ways to learn how to communicate.  This book tells one way she figured out how she could communicate with other ducks.

“Teddy, The Tadpole Who Became a Frog” This is a story about the life experience of a tadpole that eventually became a frog.  Teddy was happy being a tadpole, but he soon changed into a frog and he had to learn to adjust to unexpected changes in his body shape.  Now he could not only swim, but he could leap about on the ground.

“Freddy, The Firefly Who Could Not Glow” Freddy was a firefly often known as a “lightening bug” that would not glow at night very well.  He felt so different from his friends.  Freddy’s mother took him to the doctor and found out why his tail wouldn’t light up and the doctor was able to fix his glow light.  Now Freddy was like the other entire firefly’s that lit up the midnight sky.