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How One Fish Outsmarted Matthew March 1, 2008

  This book is about How One Fish Outsmarted Matthew”. Matthew and his sister Anna had gone for a walk in the back acreage of their farm.  Matthew took his fishing pole along because they had a pond back there and he was going to catch himself a fish. Anna was a day dreamer and she loved walking through the tall grass in the fields picking wild flowers. While Anna is waiting for Matthew she finds herself gazing upon the water in the pond which put her in a trance and soon falls to sleep. She was dreaming that she had become a princess in a far away land but the sudden excitement in Matthew’s voice when catching his fish brought her out of dream world.  This story continues to tell you how Matthew was outsmarted by the fish he had caught therefore causing him to take home an empty pale. On the other hand, Anna took home a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the dinner table that night.


Matthew sat on the bank just staring at the water.  The water was so clear he could see the fish just swimming around teasing the hook on his fishing pole. “Patience is what it takes, patience,” thought Matthew.  “One of these times, the fish are going to be hungry for that worm and they are going to bite it and I will then have caught them,” as Matthew chuckled out loud to himself.


Anna and her brother Matthew had gone for a walk in the back acreage of their farm.  They had a small pond there that Matthew would often find himself leisurely sitting on the banks with his fishing pole just waiting for that special catch.


On the other hand, Anna was in her own world of fun things to do.  She loved walking in fields full of wildflowers picking bouquets as she walked through the tall swaying grass.  “I’m going to take a beautiful bouquet home to put on the table for dinner tonight,” thought Anna.


Anna could have cared less about fishing.  That wasn’t her idea of having fun.  “Who wants to just sit quietly not making a move just patiently waiting for that special catch?  It sure seems like a boring way to spend time to me,” thought Anna.


Anna was having fun with what she was doing to keep herself occupied while Matthew was waiting for that special bite.  Anna would watch the small wild animals, like the jack rabbit just frolicking around in the tall grass as if to say…