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Teddy Learns the Meaning of True Friendship March 1, 2008

                        This story “Teddy Learns the Meaning of True Friendship tells about a boy who was considered very popular at school. He and his friends were unkind at one time and ignored a new classmate, Johnny who had come to school there for the first time. Teddy learned that Johnny was very poor.  How would his friends think of him being friends with someone who was poor like Johnny was?   One day, Johnny did something for Teddy that changed Teddy’s thinking about the meaning of friendship. Sometimes outward appearances do not tell what is going on inside the person and how nice they really can be. The book explains how their friendship developed and how Teddy learned that it was more important to be the “nicest kid” versus being the “most popular” kid in his class. 





            Summer vacation had just ended and it was time to return to school. Although most of the students were excited about returning to school and seeing their friends, Teddy didn’t dare show all the other’s his excitement.  Teddy was considered the most popular amongst his classmates and to show excitement about returning to school just wasn’t the “cool” thing to do.   Everyone knew Teddy because his father was the mayor of the town, so he felt he had to maintain the “cool kid” image. 


            As Teddy shuffled down the schools hallway giving high fives to all his buddies, Teddy felt such a sense of pride inside knowing that everyone liked him.  He had almost everything a boy could ever want. He lived in a big house in a nice neighborhood.  With his father being the mayor, everyone knew his family which gave Teddy a feeling like he was really important.


            Teddy was big into sports and loved to play baseball and soccer and when they chose teams, Teddy was almost always the first one chosen.  Everyone liked Teddy which made Teddy feel very special.  You might say, Teddy had a pretty good opinion of himself.  “I’m really cool,” thought Teddy to himself. When he would ride his bike, everyone that knew him would wave as he rode by them. Teddy really never had to learn what it was like to have to wish for something because he always had everything any little boy would ever want or need.


            Teddy’s father, being the mayor of the town sometimes caused Teddy to think he was more special then some of the other kids in school.  Often Teddy felt like he could just pick and choose who he wanted his friends…