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The Turtle Who Saved the Picnic March 1, 2008

                   This book, “The Turtle Who Saved the Picnic” takes the child on an imaginative visit in their mind to a rainforest and introduces the child to some of the animals that live there.  Some of the animals decided they wanted to become friends even though some of their natures were to protect themselves from each other. On one sunny day, they decided they wanted to have a picnic, but during their picnic, it began to rain. Raining is what it normally did most of the time there in the rainforest.  They were greatly disappointed, but found a way that would help save their picnic.  This story goes on and tells of how Ted the Turtle helped save the picnic and kept the picnic from becoming a total wash out. 


             Down under in a Tropical Rainforest in Australia lived a forest full of small animals.  Some of them you could see right away just by looking around.  Others were quiet and could not be heard.  Some were almost too small to be seen.


            Some of the animals lived up high in the trees, and some lived on the ground.  Some lived in the “understory” which was under the leaves on the floor of the forest.  You just had to know where they lived to find them.


            In the Tropical Rainforest, it rained a lot, so there were many times you spent time just keeping yourself from getting wet.  When the sun came out, one could hear the joyous chorus of the animals hooting and screeching for joy just because they could see the sun and feel the warmth of its rays.  


             On one sunny day, many of the animals were out crawling about, some flying, and some crawling while others were climbing.  It just depended on what kind of animal you were.


            One day in the tropical forest one of the animals came up with an idea that all could enjoy.  Teddy the turtle said, “Since we all live together in this big forest we need to get along with each other and be friends.  We can even have picnics.  Wouldn’t that be fun?”


            Fred the frog was over by the log listening to what Ted the turtle was saying.  “That sounds good to me.  We should ask some of the other animals that live here and see if they think that is a good idea too.”


            Swish, swish went Betsy the butterfly as she was fluttering by and heard the conversation.  “I hear, I hear, I hear”, said Betsy.  “Let’s…



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