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Three Fish in the Ocean March 1, 2008

   In the deep blue ocean lived a family of fish’s.  There was a mother, father, brother named Garfield and his sister Daisy.  The children fish enjoyed exploring the ocean floor and playing hide and go seek together. Garfield and Daisy met a new fish named Stewart in the ocean who had become lost. The three of them became friends and were soon known as the Three Fish in the Ocean”. This story tells you how the three of them experienced some exciting adventures together. Garfield and Daisy enjoyed finding a new friend.  They were especially happy they were able to help their new friend find his way back home and also helped him learn to overcome one of his greatest fears.





              Not long ago in the deep blue ocean lived a family of ocean fish.  There was a Mommy, Daddy, a brother and a sister. 


            They all had a wonderful time exploring the ocean floor. They would explore behind reefs and plants just to see what they could find.  They’re favorite thing to find was something shiny.  Sometimes they would find, bottle caps, or just pebbles that glistened. When they found something that was special, they would take it back to their home.


            They loved to play hide and go seek hiding amongst the ocean weeds and see how long it would take for one to find the other. 


            One day while they were out playing, another fish swam up to them.  They all looked at each other not really knowing what to say to the new fish.   “Hi, my name is Daisy, who are you?” 


            “I think I’m lost.” 


            “Oh I’m sorry,” said Daisy.  “Where do you live and what is your name?”


            “My name is Stewart,” said the new fish.


            “That’s a nice name. You already know my name. This is my brother Garfield.  Our home is over in those reefs over there,” said Daisy. 


            “So you say you are lost, where do you live Stewart?” said Garfield. 


            “I live somewhere over that direction,” as Stewart pointed with his fin.   “I was just swimming around and didn’t realize how far I had gotten away from my home.  Now I can’t find my way back,” said Stewart.


            “Don’t worry Stewart. We’ll help you.  Just…